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September 12, 2020

10 HR Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

As a new decade begins, the future of HR needs to adopt new trends to ensure a people-focused and purpose-driven workplace. In the last decade, HR has evolved and expanded alongside team management, organization functionality, and setting expectations for employees when it comes to work. With HR entering a new decade, HR must focus on the human element of people management and human resources to be able to provide exceptional and engaging work experience for their workforce. Keeping this in mind, here are 10 important HR trends to watch out for in 2020, which will transform the workplace and the workforce in the coming years.

1.      Decision Making should be Reliant on People Analytics

Big data analysis has a lot of potential, and it can be applied to any sector for any organization. When it comes to HR, a data-driven approach gives employers the valuable insight they need to determine employee satisfaction and performance, and what influences their motivation and productivity.

2.      Enhancing the Overall Job Applicant Experience

If hiring new employees is a lengthy and complicated process, then your team will miss out on incredible talent. To solve this, you will need to streamline your recruitment process, making it possible for your HR department and applicants to land the best job for your organization.

3.      Giving Employer Branding Importance

In this day and age, the labor market is competitive than ever before, which means persuading potential candidates to join your organization will prove to be quite the challenge. To hire exceptional talent, your organization will need to have a stellar reputation. Whether you need to offer flexible workspaces or commit to corporate social responsibility, as long as you have something of value to offer, you will find it easier to attract new talent and maintain existing talent.

4.      Encouraging Healthy Workplace Cultures

With countless stories of toxic office environments and workplace harassment popping up on social media time and time again, it is important to address unhealthy corporate cultures and get rid of them.

5.      Investing in Upskilling

As new innovations and technologies are introduced, workplaces are required to evolve. Any workforce would feel the pressure to keep up with expectations and these rapid changes. But this can be avoided by investing in upskilling your workforce.

6.      Providing Exceptional Health Benefits

The well-being and overall engagement of your employees will be impacted by work-related stress. For this reason, you will need to integrate stress-reduction employees into your employee wellness program. But do not stop there, focus on providing holistic health benefits, the kind that addresses all aspects of wellness care and health.

7.      Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

When there is a clear work-life balance, employees will feel more at home. To avoid people from burning out, a balance will need to be established for greater productivity.

8.      Providing Flexible Workspaces

By allowing employees to shape their workspaces according to their own needs and requirements, you will see an unprecedented growth like never before.

9.      Embracing Leadership from a New Generation

Older generations may have been hesitant about embracing new technologies and innovation, but that is no the case with newer generations, like millennials and generation Z. If need be, embrace leadership from these newer generations to modernize your organization.

10. Taking a Stand for Employees

Last but not least, organizations will need to take a stand for their employees. Socially conscious organizations will need to give importance to issues of importance, like racial and gender equality to mental health, and so on. Of course, there will be several other HR trends to look for in 2020, but at least you know where to start. Remember, the most HR trend of all is the ability to adapt to anything new, really. As long as your HR is designed to adapt, there is no reason why your organization will benefit from it in the long run.