HR Support for start ups and small business as low as $99 PER MONTH!

  • Unlimited HR Advisory Support Calls/Inquiries/Q&A.
  • Employee Handbooks, HR Forms , Compliance Audits
  • HR Software/ATS/Training/Performance Management
  • Staffing and Recruiting Services. On-boarding Support.
  • Payroll and work comp insurance solutions
  • Preferred Pricing with our strategic vendor partners
  • 100% satisfaction Guaranteed

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MY HR Advisor Overview

We provide direct access to experienced HR Advisors for a fixed monthly fee. Our services are ideal for new business start ups, small to medium size business owners or a one-person department with limited HR staff. Work with a dedicated HR advisor to get the right advice for one monthly price.  Avoid potentially costly fines and improve employee morale! 

We offer monthly, one-time, and pre-paid retained HR Advisor packages giving you the flexibility to engage us when you need us. Through an interactive client portal, you will be able to interact with an HR Advisor for expert level HR support via live chat, video conference, phone, or email. Unlimited Advisor support for any HR related questions you may have.

Common HR Questions our HR Advisors are ready to help you answer:

  • I don’t have a full time HR person, but I need help with an HR concern.
  • What payroll system should I use? We need to revamp our recruiting program.
  • How do I stop the rising health care renewals each year?
  • Do I need an HRIS System? Should I use a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?
  • We need diversity training. I just got sued, what do I do? Do I need a company handbook?
  • I have a tricky employee situation-how do I handle it?
  • How do I start a 401K plan? Where do I get benefits for my employees?
  • I need a custom HR policy-can you help? I need an HR Audit.
  • My safety record is horrible. I need to start a safety program. Help!
  • I need to set up job grades but don’t know where to begin.
  • Do you have a labor attorney to recommend?

You can spend countless hours looking for answers or you can subscribe for our HR advisory services and let us do all the time-consuming legwork. Your HR advisor will provide guidance on any of the above questions or everything else in between for that matter. If your advisor does not have the answers or solutions you need, they will find them!!

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HR Solutions Center

Beyond our HR advisory services, we also make available on-demand HR services in the areas of benefits management, legal compliance, staffing and recruiting, training, payroll, employee relations, and more.

Our Strategic Vendor Partners

For the services we do not provide directly, our members get exclusive access to our select network of strategic vendor partners. Your assigned HR Advisor will partner with you to help you choose the right solutions for your business. Our strategic vendor partners offer a variety of HR and business services including:

  • Individual and group health insurance coverage including AFLAC programs.
  • Recruiting and Staffing
  • HRIS systems, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), Payroll Solutions
  • Legal services and Student debt management programs
  • Training solutions including diversity and leadership training

We are constantly building our strategic partnership network so we can deliver our members a wide range of solutions and services.


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Dedicated Messaging & Task Management Module

Conveniently communicate and assign tasks to your dedicated HR Advisor.


Easy Document Uploads

The document center will provide a convenient interface for you and your HR advisor to confidentially upload and exchange documents. This easy-to-use hub makes it easy to upload, store, and view documents between you and your HR Advisor. 


File Uploads

Already have HR documents at your company? T


Complete Review

We’ll review them and suggest necessary changes to ensure complete compliance.


Web Import

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HR Advisor Membership and Service Packages

Need help deciding which membership plan is right for your company? Call 1-866-4MYHRPRO

Unlimited General Support Calls/Inquiries/HR Advisor Q&A
Dedicated Client Dashboard Portal
Exclusive access to Strategic Vendor Partner Networks
Dedicated HR Advisor
Bonus HR Hours Included in Monthly Support Plan 1 2 3
HR KPI Benchmark Dashboard Tools
HR Best Practices Audit (Remote) *Annual Support Plans Only
Fixed Contract Hourly Bill Rate for Ala Cart HR Services
(Standard rate for Non-Members is $115 p/h)
$95.00 per hour $85.00 per hour $75.00 per hour


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Enroll Today


Enroll Today
Unlimited General Support Calls/Inquiries/HR Advisor Q&A
Dedicated Client Dashboard Portal
Exclusive access to Strategic Vendor Partner Networks
Dedicated HR Advisor
Bonus HR Hours Included in Annual Support Plan 12 24 36
HR KPI Benchmark Dashboard Tools
*HR Best Practices Audit (Remote)
Fixed Contract Hourly Bill Rate for Ala Cart HR Services
(Standard rate for Non-Members is $115 p/h)
$95.00 per hour $85.00 per hour $75.00 per hour


Upto 40% Saving Enroll Today


Upto 40% Saving Enroll Today


Upto 40% Saving Enroll Today

On-Demand HR Services.
No Contract. Use it When You Need It.

My-Health Insurance Renewal Advisor

- Review group claims history
- Audit Medical Coding by underwriters
- Develop and Advise on Benefit Strategies
- Advise on benefit plan designs
- Challenge Underwriting Assumptions
- Negotiate Renewal Proposals
- Market Group to Alternate Carriers (If necessary)

- Get an independent expert opinion
- Reduce quoted renewal
- Save 10%-15% on health insurance premiums
- Stop the cycle of high premium increases

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My-HR Recruiting Advisor

- Handle job posting and pre-screening for up to 5 job orders
- Review existing recruiting practices
- Establish Recruiting Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)
- Evaluate Employer Branding Program
- Review interviewing process
- Review Job Offer and Hiring Practices
- Review Pay and Reward Offerings

- Ensure compliance with EEOC's UGESP provisions
- Reduce Time to Fill
- Hire the Right People for the Right Job
- Implement Working Recruiting Strategy

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My-HR Benefits Advisor

- Review company benefit packages
- Conduct cost of benefits Analysis
- Advise on Company Benefit Strategy
- Identify Cost Savings Opportunities
- Introduce new benefit platforms
- Audit FMLA compliance (if applicable)
- Review Benefit Package Materials

- Attract Higher Quality Candidates
- Improve Employer Brand
- Reduce employee turnover
- Ensure compliance with ERISA

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My-HR Payroll Advisor

- Audit existing payroll procedures
- Conduct FLSA compliance check-list
- Review time and attendance system
- Review existing payroll processing software
- Identify process improvement opportunities
- Review Payroll outsourcing strategies
- Advise on Payroll Best Practices

- Compliance with Wage and Hour Laws
- Improve payroll processing time
- Ensure accurate timekeeping

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My-HRIS Advisor

- Evalulate existing HRIS system platform
- Conduct HRIS needs analysis (If applicable)
- Develop HR work process flows
- Introduce HRIS System Framework
- Draft RFP and evaluate vendor proposals
- Review Paperless HR Solutions
- Assist with migration to new HRIS System

- Improve payroll processing time
- Maintain payroll records per Federal Laws
- Reduce cost of payroll outsource fees

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My-HR Compliance Advisor

- Federal Labor Law Posters
- FLSA Audit
- HR Compliance Desk Audit
- Review and update handbook

- Compliance with State and Federal Labor Laws
- Avoid potential costlly legal claims
- Stay current with labor law changes

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My-Performance Management Advisor

- Evaluate existing performance management program
- Enhance existing performance management program
- Evaluate employee rewards systems
- Develop performance evaluation forms
- Conduct 360 Degree Feedack Reviews up to 5 employees

- Improve company performance
- improve employee morale
- Raise individual and group performance results

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HR Starter Package

- Includes 60 days of Bronze Level HR Support Plan
- General Practices Remote HR Audit 
- 2 Hours of HR Special Projects support 
- 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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One Time HR "Fix"
is All You Need

One Time $199.00*
1 Hour video conference call with a certified HR Advisor
General HR Questions on all work related topics including, compliance, safety,hiring, terminations, payroll, benefits.
HR strategy Consultation
HR review/advise (EEOC Filing, Attorney Demand Letter, OSHA notice, OFCCP, Wage and Hour, Unemployment Claim)
*Labor attorney review and written analysis available for extra $299.00 fee
Written review and recommendations provided within 3 days by a certified HR expert.
100% satisfaction Guarantee

Lock down savings with Pre-Paid HR Advisory Services


Diego Rosas

Owner - Flying Locksmiths

I was introduced to by another business owner. I do not have a full-time HR manager but I needed immediate HR support to assist with an urgent employee relations matter. I signed up for their annual HR support plan right away and I was immediately assigned my own HR advisor. My HR Advisor has helped us revised our existing handbook policies, job offer forms, and my HR advisor personally attended a meeting with our employees to discuss the handbook policy changes. We will be enhancing our on-boarding process soon. I am very pleased with the services we are receiving. I can call on my HR Advisor on the weekends and my HR Advisor will respond. I highly recommend to any small business owner who needs flexible professional HR support.

Marcus Harris

Founder - Premier Dietetics

I run a nutritional consultation business and I found the services provided by to be very valuable. The sign-up process was very easy. For a flat annual fee, I have unlimited access to my own dedicated HR advisor. I use my HR advisor to help me with HR forms as well as for general HR and business strategy guidance. As my business grows, I feel better knowing I have an HR Advisor to call on for additional HR and business support.

Jerry Harburg

President - A-fabco, Inc.

Since signing up for an annual HR support plan with we have been very pleased with the level of service we have received. Beyond their valuable HR advisory service, we also used them to recruit several key positions for our company and they did a wonderful job. My dedicated HR advisor is always available to take my calls. My business does not need a full-time HR professional and has been a great addition to our business.

Strategic Vendor Partners

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