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January 27, 2020

5 Strategies Every Small Business Can Use to Recruit Great Talent

With the growth in positions to fill, businesses often find that their recruitment budget runs out much quicker than they would’ve liked it. The key is to prioritize and seek cost-effective solutions. The best part is that it is more doable than you think, even for small businesses. Here are the five top strategies to help you maximize your recruiting budget and find the best solutions.

1.     Establish Your Brand

Even if you have a limited budget, you can still strive and build your brand with the simplest of strategies. All you need is a phone in your pocket, which is a powerful tool to help you capture the content to establish a strong brand image of your company. Be consistent with sharing content with your audience. Share blogs and videos to engage your audience and give them regular content so they have something to look forward to. Be as creative as you can get to showcase what your brand is all about and how you treat your people.  Give a glimpse of what it would be like to work with your company – that’s exactly what candidates want to know.

2.     Utilize Data to Save Time

Efficiency is crucial for small businesses keeping in mind the limited resources and time. Data can help you with an efficient recruiting process. It is what helps a business refine the search and get the most talented and qualified candidates faster. Tools like LinkedIn spotlights are great to help you narrow down your talent hunt. You can easily identify candidates based on their responsiveness and activity. You can even contact candidates who had applied to you in the past and carefully narrow down your selection to the best candidates. Thanks to the data and insights, that is at our fingertips! You can even use paid tools on LinkedIn to build your brand and attract more talent for recruitment – saving you both time and resources.

3.     Share Your Company’s Success Stories

Let the word out about what makes your company what it is today and how can people benefit by being a part of it. Sharing the success stories about your company – and that too consistently – is a great way to communicate why your brand is important. It is a great way to share with the potential candidates the big picture and capitalize on the stories to ensure everyone’s getting the same message out there. However, it is important to communicate the story well and be consistent with your approach to engaging your candidates better.

4.     Be a Team

Let recruiting be a work of everyone who’s a part of your company. Instead of limiting the role to the HR department only, tap into the real credibility and enthusiasm of your employees and use it as a cost-effective method of maximizing recruitment for great talent. Setting referral points or bonuses is a great way to encourage your existing team to bring in new talent. Your employees can even post recruitment details on their own social handles and give you a great response. This also helps your current employees consider themselves as talent scouts!

5.     Include Your Executives in the Hiring Process

People operating at the top positions in a company are naturally at a more compelling and convincing spot. They can be one of the best recruiters, especially for businesses with a limited budget. Try and involve your executives in the hiring process and get them in the hall with the candidates. The point is to establish powerful impressions to convince the candidates that being a part of your company could be the best decision they could make for their career.

Final Word

The best part about recruiting for a small business is that you can communicate creatively and utilize maximum tools without needing a great budget. If you’re looking for direct solutions, we at My HR Advisor can implement all the strategies discussed above and many more to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with us today and learn about our great HR Advisor packages.