My HR Recruiting Advisor

Impeccable business solutions for HR Recruiting Companies

Running a successful HR Recruiting firm is not a piece of cake, especially when the market is highly competitive. From finding the right employees to analyzing all documentations, providing human resource recruitment consulting services is tough job for satisfying organizations of all sizes. To reach their core dictum, they need an exceptional HR staff that will analyze each candidate precisely.

Here come the services of My HR Advisor. Whether you are a new HR Recruiting advisor or have been serving since years, our exceptional service can help you in turning your potential clients into long-term customers.

Our exclusive service is embedded with the following features:

  • - Analysis of reward and pay offers
  • - Analysis of current payroll strategies
  • - Review of the payroll software in use
  • - Creation of employee branding program
  • - Analysis of current interviewing process
  • - Analysis of recruiting practices

If you want to create a benchmark in recruitment consulting services, Let us handle your HR responsibilities in a better way because we provide the following benefits:

  • - Provide highly effective working strategies
  • - Have budget-friendly packages
  • - Compliance with EEOC’s UGESP provisions
  • - Hire right candidate from the pool of candidates

My-HR Recruiting Advisor

- Handle job posting and pre-screening for up to 5 job orders
- Review existing recruiting practices
- Establish Recruiting Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)
- Evaluate Employer Branding Program
- Review interviewing process
- Review Job Offer and Hiring Practices
- Review Pay and Reward Offerings

- Ensure compliance with EEOC's UGESP provisions
- Reduce Time to Fill
- Hire the Right People for the Right Job
- Implement Working Recruiting Strategy

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