My-HR Payroll Advisor

From contract administration and withholding salary taxes to payroll and relocation services, HR and payroll firms need to keep killer eyes on each and every aspect. Things can become complicated if the routine functions get interrupted with your own human resource problems.

My HR Advisor’s commendable service is here to take away this hassle from you. Equipped with well-experienced and professional team members, we are helping thousands of businesses worldwide and payroll firms are one of them.

To have a distinctive positive among all HR payroll consultant companies, you need to get in touch with us. We let you get free from thousands of HR complications.

Our outstanding features are:

  • - Attendance and time system review
  • - Identifying opportunities to improve
  • - Professional consultancy on Payroll practices
  • - Review of payroll strategies
  • - Checking of FLSA compliance
  • - Analysis of current payroll software

We are the right chose for your HR concerns because we ensure:

  • - Deadline oriented processing of payroll
  • - Compliance with payroll laws
  • - Accurate time and perfect processing of payroll

If you are an HR payroll advisor who is sick and tired of the routine impediments of the human resource staff, you should give a try to our service.

My-HR Payroll Advisor

- Audit existing payroll procedures
- Conduct FLSA compliance check-list
- Review time and attendance system
- Review existing payroll processing software
- Identify process improvement opportunities
- Review Payroll outsourcing strategies
- Advise on Payroll Best Practices

- Compliance with Wage and Hour Laws
- Improve payroll processing time
- Ensure accurate timekeeping

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