My-Health Insurance Renewal Advisor

Simply the best business solutions for Health Insurance Providers

Operating a successful health insurance business is no easy task. That is because a detail-oriented product such as health insurance requires a number of services such as strategizing, underwriting, account management, consultancy and more. Additionally, a company also needs to distinguish itself from the sea of competitors by creating and leveraging brand equity.

My HR Advisor’s variety of quality support services make it possible for you to focus on just your core business and leave all the hassle to us. Our prestigious clientele includes high-end health insurance companies as well as those just starting out. Time and time again, we have helped health insurance providers reach and exceed their business targets.

With a team of top HR connoisseurs, we have made an exclusive package for the health insurance niche.

This package will serve companies with the following dynamic features:

  • - Assistance and guidance on benefit strategies
  • - Negotiation on renewal proposals
  • - Assessment of groups claim account
  • - Audit of health coding by underwriters
  • - Professional guidance on benefit plan designs
  • - Negotiation of renewal offers

For all the health insurance advisors in the US, we are the best option because of the following distinctive benefits:

  • - Top-notch professional opinion
  • - Exclusive 10% - 15% discount on health insurance premiums
  • - Stop the cycle of augmented increase in premiums
  • - Cut quoted renewal

If you want your potential clients to find you when they search “who is the best health care consultant near me?” Then My HR Advisor is the place for you.

My-Health Insurance Renewal Advisor

- Review group claims history
- Audit Medical Coding by underwriters
- Develop and Advise on Benefit Strategies
- Advise on benefit plan designs
- Challenge Underwriting Assumptions
- Negotiate Renewal Proposals
- Market Group to Alternate Carriers (If necessary)

- Get an independent expert opinion
- Reduce quoted renewal
- Save 10%-15% on health insurance premiums
- Stop the cycle of high premium increases

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