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The corporate jungle is expanding with each passing day and so are the employee benefits consulting firms. To keep up with the industry rivals, it is imperative for all benefit firms to make their distinctive identity by giving jaw-dropping service. Providing global benefits management and sound benefit programs requires following a comprehensive methodology that is not as simple as it sounds.

My HR Advisor can take away the hassle of human resources from you. Our mission is to help other businesses in achieving their goals by providing professional HR Benefits Advisors. Whether you are a new HR benefit advisor or an experienced one, our service can definitely cut down your work stress, enabling you to focus on your prime goals.

We stand out from the mob with the following features:

  • - A thorough analysis of benefit packages
  • - Budgeting of benefit packages
  • - Professional advice on current strategies
  • - Identifying opportunities to reduce cost
  • - Auditing of FMLA compliance
  • - Analysis of Benefits Package Materials
  • - Identifying new platforms

Why choose us?

We are the right option because:

  • - We ensure quality candidates
  • - We enhance employer brand
  • - We reduce employee turnover drastically
  • - We ensure compliance with ERISA

If you want to stand among the top-notch employee benefit consulting firms, start focusing on your prime work and leave the rest to us!

My-HR Benefits Advisor

- Review company benefit packages
- Conduct cost of benefits Analysis
- Advise on Company Benefit Strategy
- Identify Cost Savings Opportunities
- Introduce new benefit platforms
- Audit FMLA compliance (if applicable)
- Review Benefit Package Materials

- Attract Higher Quality Candidates
- Improve Employer Brand
- Reduce employee turnover
- Ensure compliance with ERISA

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